“Someone once said to me ‘chicks just don’t rock as hard as guys.’ Well, they’ve never seen the Rocket Queens!”
-Decibel Geek, March 2015image

The Rocket Queens are a New York City-based, all-female tribute to Guns ‘N Roses founded by Guitar World contributor and session guitarist Lily Maase.

Featuring a lineup of all-pro, all-female players, the Rocket Queens have the chops and the stage presence necessary to kick out a faithful recreation of the musical prowess and onstage chemistry of the band’s original lineup, complete with stage antics, attitude, and note-for-note riffs, vocals and guitar solos.

Witnessing the Rocket Queens live is the closest thing a modern audience can get to seeing hard rock’s heaviest hitters as they were in their prime: seasoned musicians dripping with sweat, swagger, and way too much style for their own good. If, of course, the original GnR lineup had shopped at Victoria’s Secret and worn 6-inch heels.

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  1. Javi
    Javi at · Reply

    come to mexico (monterrey) please 🙂

  2. John
    John at · Reply

    I would love to see these ladies in concert , please let me know if your ever in the central NJ area…… John

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